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Glenn: Hey, folks, Glenn May here with bassresource. com
here at ICAST 2016 show, and I’m here withStephen Browning here at the LIVETARGET booth.
We wanna talk about some of the brand newswimbaits that are coming out. Stephen, what
do you got for us here?Stephen: Glenn, let me tell you guys and your
viewers as well, we have a new swimbait series,LIVETARGET swimbait series. And for those
that have followed the LIVETARGET brand, youknow that we try to make the most realistic
bait possible. I think we’ve hit a homerunwith this one. The thing about our swimbait
that I feel like makes ’em different thanmost other swim baits is our tail action.
And what we’ve tried to do with the tail,we call it our oscillator, which is the engine
behind this swimbait. We’ve tried to matchthe oscillator, or the tail, to make this
particular swimbait swim exactly like it wouldnaturally in the water. And so what I’m saying
is, the smaller swimbaits have a differentaction to ’em because that’s how that specific
size forage fish actually swims in the water. So our main goal was to study that forage
fish, see how they swim, and then incorporatethe action of our swimbaits to that particular
size. Everything’s unique. We have a little hook
hanger. Our guys have even been putting swivelsin like a willowleaf blade underneath here.
We have a weed guard, this is not a weedlessbait, we have a weed guard which actually
will deflect a few weeds off of it, and that’son the dorsal fin there. All the hooks are
Mustad, custom-made Mustad hooks. We justfeel like we’ve hit a homerun with this one,
without a doubt. Glenn: This tail has this little lip here
on it. That’s what gives it that action?Stephen: That’s what we call our oscillator,
or the engine behind this thing. And whatwe wanted to do is keep the tail section clear,
but then, yet, have the fin, you know, theactual back fin, we have it painted. So in
the water, you don’t see the engine, so tospeak. We’re hoping that it’s gonna be, you
know, mostly invisible. You’re only gonnasee that natural look and a natural profile
of the particular forage. Glenn: So how many different colors and sizes
do we have in this?Stephen: We have six different fresh. . . on
the freshwater side, we have six differentforages, and each of ’em come in either two
or three different sizes. Most of them, oursink rate, you know, a fall rate, sink rate,
on these is somewhere between one, maybe oneand a half feet per second. So if you’re making
a cast and you’re wanting that bait to getdown to 10 feet, you’re gonna have to count
it down to right around 10 seconds, you know,before you make the retrieve. Or if you’re
fishing, you know, where those fish are suspended,you just count it down to the correct depth
that you think they’re in and you can windit in. And that’s kind of how we’ve based
our weights and fall rates on. Glenn: Awesome, awesome. Well, these are really
cool-looking. So when are these gonna be available?Stephen: These will be ready late this fall,
probably around the December mark. So youknow, right there around the first of the
year, they’ll be ready for action, withouta doubt. Glenn: All right, cool. When these come out,
guys, you gotta go check ’em out. This ispretty awesome.

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