Zoom Trick Worm Pond Bass Fishing

Zoom Trick Worm Pond Bass Fishing: In this video I am using the Zoom Trick worm. I try to show you how I use and fish the trick worm while catching a few fish using it. This is a fun way to fish a worm and it produces strikes and Bass!

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28 thoughts on “Zoom Trick Worm Pond Bass Fishing

  1. My absolute favorite go to bait. I have caught numerous big bass on those. I've actually got one new video I recently posted, that was mainly a bream pond I was fishing but I caught a small bass using that same rig ( I don't post many fishing videos but may start). I live on the Florida Alabama line and fish both states. Anywhere I go, a trick worm will produce fish of all sizes.

  2. Yep. You got that rightโ˜บ Tried wandering around the lake yesterday and I found a shallow warm spot and got a couple of fat juveniles to bite.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  3. hey what's up man just subscribed to your channel you got some cool stuff on there man…..keep it up brotha fishon and tight lines to ya…. any tips on tilapia fishing???

  4. good man. I see far too many people putting the trick worm down now. I love em. have you ever tried running the hook in on the bottom just barely behind the tip so that the eye of the hook makes it point up a little bit then just barely letting it sink weightless and pop it just a little that will make the tip come up and just kiss the top of water. bass can't stand it they destroy it.

  5. The trick worm is a go to bait for me at certain times of the year. You have a nice fishing channel. I sent you a sub. Maybe you could check out my channel and some of my newest videos and return the favor. I have a really good video I am posting this weekend where I wrecked the bass on Lake Jordan on a custom Buzzbait I made. Keep up the nice videos.

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