Winter Jig Fishing For Bass How-To — GoPro

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I really tried guys! The temps are starting to cool down dramatically over night and these lakes will be iced in no time. I know this wasn’t the most exciting video ever but I hope you still learned a few things about cold water fishing and it’s potential. Feel free to shoot me a question in the comment section below. Have a great New Years and stay fishing!
–Young Plug


Jon’s Setup:
Rod: Cousin’s Tackle IM8 7’ 3” Med. Hev. Magnum
Reel: Shimano Scorpion 1000 XT
Line: 12# Seaguar Invizx
Jig: 1/8oz All Terrain Tackle Finesse jig
Jig Color: Watermelon Red
Craw: Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Chunk
Craw Color: Watermelon Red

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Weather Conditions:
Precipitation: None
Sky: Overcast
Air Temperature: 22-28oF
Wind: 8mph S
Time: 19pm-1:30pm CTS

Water Conditions:
Average Depth: 10-22′
Vegetation: Sparse
Cover: boulders, rocks, some brush
Bottom content: Gravel, chunk rock
Water Clarity: 8-10′
Estimated Water Temperature: 39-40oF


28 thoughts on “Winter Jig Fishing For Bass How-To — GoPro

  1. I know you posted this almost a year ago but it came up in my what to watch and I clicked on it Bc I live in upstate NY and the winters are terrible up here but I was just wondering if you've ever been fishing in upstate NY

  2. So I really want to get that scorpion 1000 tx and I was wondering if you think it would be wise to buy a used one from ebay. (I know ebay hasn't been really good to you recently) and if you like the reel. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Tight Lines
    James Horton

  3. hey man wondering if you could help me out. I live in Mesa, Az and it's December. The largemouth have just STOPPED biting or even showing any interest in anything I throw! Any advise would be greatly appreciated…
    p.s. I'm using 20lb power pro braid. I love throwing top water but that seems to be outta the question now….. I just feel stuck….

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