Winter Carp Fishing Stick Mixes And Boosted Homemade Boilie Recipes!

Having been asked by my 1-1 bait tuition clients how to equal and even beat catches by top anglers in winter, part of my answer is improved bait potency! This is not a subject often discussed as it contains many secrets anglers would prefer only those in the know appreciate and use, but bait potency in winter is part of the most effective edges you can exploit in defeating carp wariness, and your angling competition – so read on now!

Winter and spring baits all require a really serious boost in order to get maximum number of bites! This means helping fish detect baits far more easily whether you use boilies, stick mixes, pop up baits, zig rig bugs, method mixes, maggots, liquids to improve fake baits, or whatever! There are a number of vital keys and deeper more profound aspects that need to be exploited to really get the attention of fish which are not feeding actively and require far more noticeable stimulation and attraction.

Bait effectiveness actually has very much in common with human diet improvement and weight loss and overall healthfulness. There are links regarding the bioactive potency of black pepper with winter baits, carp responses, and also human weight loss, and also similar links regarding potency with acai and other berries, and health and weight loss, and more recently, raspberry ketone and weight loss. You may be interested in testing some of the CC Moore additives for a particular product that really does hit fish senses and human ones which I include in my homemade baits for cold weather, called fruit zest concentrate.

There are certainly links between the bioactive potency of chilli, and the fact that in India people has far less cancer than in the Western world despite the west having far greater access to cutting edge medicines and medical facilities, many educated doctors, ironically including many from India originally! In the case of Robin Red there are links here regarding the potency of the oleoresins in the red peppers and chilies and paprika type ingredients that really help make this additive so distinctive and add to its success applied to bait especially in cold water in and on boilies, stick mixes, fake baits, maggots etc.

I am going to give you a tip here, the tip of the iceberg really, but just one cutting edge concept that you can use as part of many approaches for cold water, and this is one of mine, and this is the first place you will read about it.

Basically it involves leverage of highly bioactive fruit oleoresins teamed with…

Source by Tim F. Richardson

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