Underwater Bass Fishing | Bass Attack Live Crawfish Underwater!!!

UNDERWATER FOOTAGE of bass eating crawfish! Bonus video of world class Spotted Bass and Largemouth swimming in their natural habitat! Ever wondered, Do Bass really eat crawfish? Here is your answer!

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Content Credit for this video: Huge Thanks to Paul Young for this amazing footage! Be sure to check out Paul’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/hubbcap77

Underwater Camera- http://bit.ly/2iwZqqU
Lures to Imitate a Crawfish: http://bit.ly/2nIYenO

We all know that bass love eating tubes, jigs, and other crawdad imitating lures. But there is something special about watching bass eat crawfish. Its amazing to watch how casually these big spotted bass inhale the crawfish. With all their armor plating and claws they don’t even stand a chance against the spots!

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29 thoughts on “Underwater Bass Fishing | Bass Attack Live Crawfish Underwater!!!

  1. It's amazing how curious they are. You could learn so much by seeing with your own eyes how they live and move in the water column. Fascinating stuff!

  2. My best craw fish imitator is the YUM crawbug, 3.25" greenpumkin, using a 4/0 EWG offset hook and a 3/16 oz bullet weight pegged with a large bobber stopper. dye the claws and bottom of craw with stick chartruese craw scent dye. The weight causes the craw to stand up at an angle plus the claws do float some, deadly! Fish it, once it hits bottom, with a slow start- stop motion either with the rod or reel, making it look like a real craw crawling away from predators

  3. As kids we would grab a big rock, swim out, take a deep breath, then let the rock pull us down to the bottom. It was scary sinking down because it grew darker and colder the deeper you went but once you got to the bottom, you could see again.(reflective light?) I was amazed at how curious and un-afraid fish are when you're in their environment. They'll come right up to you, turn to one side, and eyeball you up and down.
    Then you drop the rock and push off the bottom back to the surface, to go find another rock. I wish we thought of bringing them some snacks.

  4. wow… fishing that lake must be easy as hell if you can just swim around and feed bass pretty much from your hand. should have put it on a hook and hand fished lol

  5. you should have tried holding a craw out in your hand trying to hand feed them, i bet that one bass in the beginning would have ate one out your hand after few offers

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