Understanding How the Weather Affects Bass Fishing – Wind, Pressure, Rain, and Moon Phases

In this video I will explain how the weather affects every aspect of bass fishing. We will go over wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rain, snow, cloud cover, and moon phases. I will also give some tips on how to read a weather chart and which details to pay attention to throughout the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Class is in session so take notes and you will be well on your way to becoming a better angler!

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40 thoughts on “Understanding How the Weather Affects Bass Fishing – Wind, Pressure, Rain, and Moon Phases

  1. Thanks. Me and some of my kayak fishing buddies were just looking at this weekends Full Moon. But we have had a trip Up to Leon Brooks Hines lake in Alabama planned for a while now, and are going to stick with it even though nature is against us for Saturday .

  2. This is an excellent video. Good visuals, great explanations and good action shots. After viewing many youtube vids…this is probably one of the best vids that I've seen on this subject. Keep up the good work.

  3. He's using weather underground in this video. They make an app called "storm". Keep in mind a big pressure change can only be around a hundredth of an inch (.01).

  4. so in the video it says pressured that are considered high, are 29.92 and up ? so where I'm from right now its 29.91….that means that fishing is just going to suck all day today? today is a 30% chance for isolated thunderstorms

  5. This video was great. Before I moved to Alabama I never paid much attention to the weather, but once I got down here I realized just how important it was. Especially the barometric pressure. Now just planning my pond trips based on that, I've become more successful. thanks again. I still hope to get a chance to "hook up" with you to land an Alabama giant!

  6. We have had bout 5 inches of rain within the last three days and more on the way. How does all the rain and fresh water effect the fishing and how many days dos it take for things to settle down where the fish start bitting again

  7. I've never seen that much fishing weather info so clearly laid out and simply stated. Nice work. Check out our Weather For Fish app that combines all of those variables (wind speed, direction, and barometric pressure) into a single FishScore rating for each day if you get a chance.

  8. Well I can relate to what you say about going fishing any chance you got, never mind the weather… I think as a grown up that's even more important, it's so common to cancel plans based on the weather not being optimal etc… and that just means less chances to be outdoors.

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