Tricks for bank fishing big rivers. Fishing for catfish and striped bass from shore.

Bank fishing tips and techniques. Fishing for catfish and striped bass (rock fish) from shore. Shore fishing on a big river, lake or reservoir. Tips and techniques.

For my video about bank fishing for catfish with my cooler/rod holder:

For may video about catfishing from the bank over night:


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  1. It'd be great to go fishing with you sometime! I live around the area. I wondered why I kept getting snagged in that same spot! Fresh water is new to me (coming from hawaii) so it'd be nice to learn from someone who knows his way around the local waters.

  2. i use a sligshot with 3-5oz bank sinker on the river when im fishing from shore but havent needed to in awhile since i built a couple foam sawfish kayaks, if youre interested google sawfish kayak and its the best most light and durable sit on top kayak ever best of all, everything you need is at hardware store and it costs less then 175 for an ultra stable sit on top kayak that cant be sunk.

  3. Hey Catfish and Carp.

    I have a question for you.

    I live in South America and fish really big rivers with lots of current (Rafting class 3+ rivers) for huge catfish.

    I have gotten to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to fish them from shore and I mostly wait to get a way to fish from boat and get anchored up.

    I have tried to use 10-12 oz of weight but I still get dragged on the bottom, and I rely on getting tucked on a big rock, bigger than the rest of them, there is some huge boulders in there.

    I mostly fish after ripples / current in really deep pools but cant get my bait to stay….

    Also, I use 150 or 200lbs power pro line with 100 to 140 lbs mono leader. The current really really put some heave pulling in that line. Would you consider just putting more weight? Or would I need to get a smaller line diameter and get more weight. If possible I'd like to keep the line because there is some 200 to 300 pounds fish in there and from shore they are pretty much impossible to fight with smaller line.



  4. best time for catfish is 12 noon.. night fishing is good but catfish are most active 12 noon… translation.. whenever it's so hot that you hate to fish lol.. that's when you catch a load for some reason.. especially in dams and running water.. cut shad in quarter sized chunks for quicker strikes… best catfish bait for me are the baby shad.. about 1 to 3 inches long.. if you come by some cut the head and tail off and throw only the body out as bait… that creates a bloody pocket of meat!


  5. you can use ANCHOR SINKERS like those used for fishing from the beach with beachcasters …this way you can lower the weight of led needed even in a fairly strong tide /current and use lighter tackle

  6. Awesome video. I do more trout fishing than any other, but trout and cat are definitely my top two. I made a video of a fishing trip to put on my channel and it worked out pretty well. I shot two trips but the files of my first trip got corrupted! It is much more difficult than I had thought to hold a trout up to the camera, (head mounted GoPro). I've never had an issue until I tried to get it on video, haha. Anyway thanks for sharing and making great videos.

  7. any body can please tell me a good place for bank fishing i live in philadelphia but go on a spot on pennsville nj but trying to find another place i just do it for fun not a fisher man

  8. @catfish and carp could you send me some information about the bait thrower you made. I found the scoop but not a long enough stick. I'm here at Ft Belvior VA (military)so trying to get out there when I can and bring in some good fighting fish. Maybe see you out there

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