Topwater Strikes 2014

A collection of topwater strikes from the past year of kayak fishing, all smallies and all were caught on a Super Spook Jr.


31 thoughts on “Topwater Strikes 2014

  1. I don't know about anyone else but I like to see more than just the strikes.. Whats the use in just showing the strike if we can't see the size of the fish that made that strike?

  2. I have to ask if your using a Go-pro or what??? I've never heard audio so crisp before.
     You can clearly hear the strike, and the sound of these fighting fish as they jump and crash back into the water.
    You obviously timed those days out just perfectly. Non-stop action the stuff dreams are made of….

  3. Its awesome how some of those fish were caught unintentionally, as you re-positioned the kayak but had the lure just skimming in the water, or as you unhooked a fish and the moment the lure touched the water you got a strike.
     Other times as you were "reeling in" ready to cast these fish surprisingly smashed the plug right next to the kayak. As long as the plug touched the water looks like a strike was guaranteed.

  4. Yeah, such a nice video. Great strikes! I will go for more topwater fishing this year. Last week a caught a pretty good pike on a topwater walker. Damn, those attacks are brutal!

  5. guessing that river is a predominant small mouth population. local rivers on the east coast near me are overtaken by Carp and such, making it hard to fish for smallies

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