Topwater Spook Bass Fishing with a Balsa Bull.

Lure: Balsa Bull
Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid
Reel: Lews Team Pro
Line: Stren 17 lb. mono

The top water spook is one of the all time greats at catching big bass. It specializes in calling those deep water bass up to the surface to feed as it imitates a shad walking across the surface . Mike Bucca has done an excellent job at creating a versatile spook that has caught me numerous bass and is becoming one of my favorite topwater baits.

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20 thoughts on “Topwater Spook Bass Fishing with a Balsa Bull.

  1. After I saw this vid, I went to the link in the description and ordered one of these.  Got it earlier this week and tonight I went to a small pond near my house.  A bunch of people have said the fishing at this pond is not good.  Long story short I was there for about 50 minutes and caught 3 decent sized bass and only stopped because my line got messed up and it was getting dark.  Cant wait to use this up at my lake house in Pennsylvania this coming week.