Topwater Fishing for Bass and Stripers – Striped Bass Boils Have Started!

We catch Largemouth Bass and Stripers in this video. The fish are started to chase schools of shad which causes fishing boils.

                      FISHING PRODUCTS USED

Hot Lures/Baits Used !!!
*Spook –
*Buzzbait –

Top Water Setup
*Rod – (mine is 7′ one piece)
*Reel –
*Line –

My Jigging Setup
*Rod Info –
*Reel Info –
*Line Info –

My Cranking Setup
*Rod Info – ( mine is 7′ )
*Reel Info –
*Line Info –

My Spinnerbait Setup
*Rod Info – ( mine is 7’6″ )
*Reel Info –
*Line Info –

My Boat Setup
*Tracker Grizzley 2072 CC
*Trolling Motor –
*Seats –


*Camera –
*Wind Mic –
*GoPro –
*GoPro Accessories –
*Carrying Case –
*Editing Software –
*Music By – Otis McMusic

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21 thoughts on “Topwater Fishing for Bass and Stripers – Striped Bass Boils Have Started!

  1. @ Sin city outdoors I have a ? its alil well off topic but since you like the outdoors, have you seen that oldschool movie called "white water summer"" its a late 1980s yeah i know its before your time its not like the movies now days lol, also the movie called "into the wild" came out maybe mid 2000s its a true story its one of my favs idk if you seen it but imo the guy who live it he physically was made for it but mentaly he did not have the exp on how to survive even with hunting he only knew what some exp hunter told him about when you get your 1st kill he explained to him what to do but the guy really had no exp even though he tried..just shareing and all..great vid! btw…oh and i know its not for all fishermen its not for me will you ever do a vid on deep sea fishing?..

  2. I love your videos I learn a lot from watching your videos I fish at a lake called camanche and I catch 2 to 4 pound bass and I would love for u to see this and give me some tips for summer bass fishing

  3. i heard this a couple times but i dont have a boat and ive never seen boils near the shore or if i rent a boat. but ive heard more then once if you put a heavy bait on and get it deep around that action you can pull up some real lunkers. you guys should test it. nice ones guys. gl out there

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