Top 5 Summer Bass Fishing Lures

I share with you MY top 5 Bass Baits for summer fishing on this weeks BassGeek. I’ll share with you the all the information about the bait along with what rod, reel, and line I prefer to use and why.

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32 thoughts on “Top 5 Summer Bass Fishing Lures

  1. Top 5 baits for me in summer is
    1. Zoom baby brush hog then standard size to catch the big ones-use on a 7ft med hvy with a 7:5:5 on 10 lb floro
    2. Berkeley power worm on the same setup.start off with a 7inch an make my way up to the 12 inch
    3. War eagle jig with the same setup on 15lb floro
    4.spro frog on a 7ft,11 med hvy with 30lb braid
    5.rapala dt crank bait

  2. 5. NuTec Lures Jigs
    4. Deep Diving Crankbaits
    3.Shallow Crankbaits ( for early morning strikes)
    2. Swimbaits
    1. Big Worms
    BassGeek you know I don't fish deep that often and really don't have alot of places that have deep water near me. We will have to plan a fishing day man I know we both are busy but I think we should be able to make it happen one day. Keep up the great work brother and Tight Lines. P.S. I haven't got a chance to go fishing yet it has been raining cats and dogs here from last Friday and Still going. I'm getting withdrawls not being able to go.

  3. lakes I fish really don't have structure or deep water. one has 14' the other maybe 18' but these are just featureless basins. been trying to locate some deep cover and learn how to fish deeper standing timber near channel. patiently trying to learn buts it's real tough here. you still can find some fish pretty shallow of you have some cover or concrete chunks that have been dumped in places. my favorites right now are weightless senko, smaller jigs and crankbaits. been trying to throw work with two bobber stops that I can change from Texas rig to Carolina rig but with no success. unfortunately both lakes I fish have had those damn grass carp added so punching mats with a Texas rig worm or frog fishing isn't available any more. used to catch alot that way. hate grass carp. tight lines my friend!

  4. Awesome video. I'm from BSG, VA myself and I love your videos brother. I'd have to say my top 5 summer baits are as follows:

    5. Lipless crankbait (red colors)
    4. Senko (wacky or Texas rigged)
    3. Zoom Speed Craw
    2. Spro Bronze Eye frog or any frog
    1. Football head jig

  5. 1. Zoom Ole Monster(Plum color)
    2. 5XD 6XD
    3.Big Swimbait
    5.Football Jig

    This is for the Coosa Chain where I live.
    If you're ever down here feel free to join me smash some for a day.

  6. I'd have to throw in a Carolina rig just my preference, but good list. especially the spoons. I live five minutes from Cherokee and fifteen minutes from Douglas. and haven't ever really got into the spoons. I feel like I'm missing out. is something you do later in the summer or when

  7. Great video! I'd love to do a day on the water and see how you put together a day of offshore fishing. That's something I'd really like to get into.

    5. Square Bill
    4. Pop-R
    3. Senko
    2. Jerkbait
    1. Double chrome willowleaf white spinnerbait