Top 5 SUMMER Bass Fishing Baits of 2017 (You NEED These Lures!)

Check out my Top 5 Summer Bass Fishing Baits and Lures for 2017. Sometimes Summer Time Bass Fishing can be tough, but it helps to know which baits to throw. I included all of my favorites!!! Hope you guys enjoy! Smash that LIKE button if you did and make sure to SUBSCRIBE if you are new. COMMENT below which one you would throw first!!!

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I’m, and I absolutely LOVE FISHING! I love largemouth bass fishing the most, but will do anything that involves the outdoors. I also VLOG on occasion. My kayak is my best friend and we go on adventures together. I have done some bass fishing tournaments in the past and I am open to doing them again in the future. Below you will see how to find me on social media and also all of the fishing tackle and camera gear I use in case you want to purchase any of it yourself! I love my subscribers and I hope my channel continues to grow!!!

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28 thoughts on “Top 5 SUMMER Bass Fishing Baits of 2017 (You NEED These Lures!)

  1. New to your channel as of Today, Just subscribed! Great channel and great videos! I'm just north of you in Jacksonville Alabama check out my channel when you get a chance, you seem like a guy I'd like to fish with one day. If you ever want to collab, let me know we have some nice hidden water sheds in my area that I've pulled some nice size large mouths out of… keep the videos coming 👍🇺🇸 , KAYAKUSA

  2. I was in Alabama about a week ago and I caught a few bass all under 1 pound and they ripped my thumbs up they seemed to have some little teeth on them I have no problem with that in the north but they seem to have teeth in the south do you know why?

  3. I'm with ya on most. My lakes are deeper so I generally fish a 10XD. You should toss in some big swimbaits. Good selections over all. I love a buzzbait man. You can't go wrong with those things.

  4. what part of florida you from? I'm from S. Florida and reside in Ga. now. I also kayak/bank fish. I hear Bama fishing overall is good but where I'm at the waters are pressured all the time. A good day of fishing is catching 3 in 6 hrs. I'd quadruple that in Fl. all day long/year round. Not to mention Peacocks as many as I can handle. Anyways good info as I use all of them…except the crankbait which I rarely tie on just like you. lol new sub!