Top 5 Fall Lures and Presentations | KAYAK BASS FISHING | Seminar Series – Part 1

In this video series I am discussing the lures and presentations that I have the most success with in the late summer into early fall in most of the areas that I fish from a kayak.

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36 thoughts on “Top 5 Fall Lures and Presentations | KAYAK BASS FISHING | Seminar Series – Part 1

  1. Who cares if the video is long, I could listen to your tips and tricks all day.  I am a firm believer in trying out what you say, and then altering it to fit my bodies of water.  Thank you so much Chad, you have really increased my bite to cast ratio.  Love it.

  2. Now that's how you do a top 5 bait video. Actually explaining the how , when where and why. Can't wait for Pt 2 and all the other videos to come. Just purchased my first Stanley Top Toad and can't wait to fish it. I always throw my 130 loon when I first get out in the A.M I've had good luck with it. I caught my PB of 21.5 in. it might not be huge but it's the best I've done thus far. Keep up the good videos.

  3. I couldn't agree more frogs and ploppers is what I have tied on most if not all year long…and I live in Jersey. I think some people believe that frogs are for people who live in the southern States when really they work anywhere. Thanks for these important, informational, style videos Chad, getting tired of seeing people's daily vlogs. I think you and Gene need to have a show together!!!

  4. I have never experimented with other knots in terms of hollow body frogs, every fish I have caught this summer has been on black spro frogs tied off with uni-knots. I am able to burn, pop, and walk with no issues. I also find weighting the forgs I get way less action out of the frog making it almost impossible to walk them.

  5. Great video Chad! I gotta disagree a little on the start and stop method, the plopper has become so popular down here in louisiana on the public lakes ive experienced just the opposite, my bite ratio has increased tremendously when going to the start and stop almost a pop method, im assuming just showing them something a little different may be helping, because man i tell ya since the big rush for these baits seems like everybody and their cousin is pressuring the waters down here with the plopper its crazy. Tight lines brotha keep up the great vids!

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