Top 3 Night Fishing Lures for Bass

These are my top 3 lures for bass fishing at night. You want to use baits that are easy to find in the dark. Using lures that create a lot of noise, vibration and have a big profile usually work the best. If you are fishing clear water, you may be able to get away with smaller and less obvious baits. Night fishing is a great way to beat the heat in the summer and can produce big bass. I have found that the average size bass is definitely increased.

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3/4 OZ Booyah Midnight Special Spinnerbait
Storm Wiggle Wart
LFT Lures 6″ Hyper Worm

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21 thoughts on “Top 3 Night Fishing Lures for Bass

  1. Thanks sir. Yes I've been doing little night time on a lake there dropping water just wished I could get my boat out and use it. But were doing good from shore. I've been using buzz bait. Due to noise. Can't use the crank bait. But worm ok I'll try that during the day haven't had luck with the worm they been most on top in very shallow next to the cypress trees chasing all them brim. But thanks sir. God bless. Fish on.

  2. Love the videos, looking forward to watching all the tips this week, and learning a lot.
    I definitely need to learn how to catch more fish. I decided to get into fishing few weeks go. Spent over 10-grand on Hobie PA 14, trailer, lowrance elite 7 Ti, micro anchor 10-rod and reels, and tackle. So far all I have caught is two 7” bass. And one 14.5” bass.
    But it has still been a lot of fun, being out on the water. I do officially hate fluorocarbon. I been using seaguar braid on all my lews reels 30-50lb. Then I decided to put fluorocarbon on two of the 5:6.1 gear ratio ones for crank baits, and spinners. Never get a back lash with braid. But the fluorocarbon was constant backlash. Am talking before the lure even got half way to water. I tried setting brake on max no luck. I even went as far as adjusting the knob that makes lure fall slower or faster, to where it didn’t fall at all. Still backlash. And it is the $20 stuff on a Lews tournament lite reel. Ok enough of the rant. But any advice on what might be going on with the fluorocarbon?

  3. I always seem to gravitate to top water at night I'm gonna try the spinner bait again just never had luck with them at night but I'm thinking now maybe I'm going to fast. Thanks for video I'm in southern New England and have caught a lot of fish at night running a jointed rapala on top nice and slow

  4. Strike King makes a rattling Midnight Special and you been using these for years huh , like since you were in jr high ? LOL just kidding , you look pretty young .

  5. can I ask you something? you fished pro an all in between right? I seen a guy fishing night tournament fish came up he grabbed another rod throwed on them won big fish an tournament to me he cheated you not allowed to use but one rod at a time in any tournament I ever fished…..I told him give all that money back…18 1/2 lbs. First Place Monday Night Bass Fishing Tournament 4th of July…..let me know if he lost that night tournament

  6. Clear rocky/grassy lakes I would stick to natural colors (watermelon red flake is my go to choice) at night. They will out produce dark colors 10-1. I've had alot of success over the years with gator tail worms and big lipless cranks also at night.

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