Tips on finding sydney’s best bass fishing holes.

My name is Aaron Horne and i am the owner of Windsor Bait And Tackle.
I have fished throughout NSW and much of Australia and have spent twenty plus years documenting my travels through urban Sydney chasing Australian Bass and Bream.
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As a young man I traveled country.
By this I mean I went bush.
The reason I love the Australian bush land is because it’s hard and dangerous but at the same time beautiful with this mind healing power that seems to take hold of you.
It turns you into a hunter and opens up another part of my brain and I focus better and when I come out I’m normally pumped up with adrenaline and just simply feel alive.
The past 20 years I’ve been going bush almost daily.
Just I rarely ever leave the Sydney basin.
I’m a bass fisherman and my country is the South Creek flood plain.
I have been fishing the best bass waters i have ever fished and these spots are on the other side of those thick walls of Lantana, Privets, black buries and vines.
The state owned land and places like the ADI ( old ammunition site ) have been totally neglected by councils.
Up until now Sydney bass were thriving but unfortunately for reasons only our State Premier ( Mike Baird ) could give an honest answer too.
Our flood plain and all the diverse combinations of native and non native animals including the bass are being wiped out for urban development and these creeks are now being filled in and destroyed.

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