Tips on Bass Fishing the Neko Rig

Mark Courts shows us how to rig and fish the Neko rig in a variety of habitats, and demonstrates its effectiveness over the Wacky rig and Shaky head in certain conditions.

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48 thoughts on “Tips on Bass Fishing the Neko Rig

  1. I so love finding well-crafted, informative videos with literate hosts – welcome change from the redneck banjo music crap that makes all anglers look like dweebs. Thanks for these vids guys!

  2. Yeah guys we all know those heads are expensive….lol Just stop for a second, what if the screw head is the better alternative. We all have little tricks we believe in more than other tricks. We pay 1/4 of our salaries a year on tackle, why stop at a Neko or a nail head….I prefer the screw head, it adds a lot more profile to my bait. #5oz   #bassfishingisfun  Great Vid!!!!

  3. This has to be one of the best videos I've watched from any channel on fishing! This is like all the live bait methods I've used for years, air injected crawlers on a bottom bounce or 3 way rig, drop shot, wacky, all combined into a streamlined rig that's relatively weedless! First thing I thought of was walleye when I saw that worm tail wagging perpendicular to the bottom just like the mayfly nymphs or any bottom critters, then Mark says is multi species and pulls up a walleye! I thought that screw lock weight looked odd and familiar with a line tie on it, how the hell is he going to rig this, then I read the comments and you guys spilled the beans. I'm from the north too, maybe that's why I enjoyed this and the producers (sorry forgot his name) fall swim bait video so much because the water is similar and I love walleye and smallies so much. I'm definitely trying this next year on Onieda Lake. Thanks guys!

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