Tidal Delaware River Drainage Fishing Bass/Snakehead/Crappie May 2015

Catching a few fish out of a Delaware River Drainage in May. This was the first time I had caught/seen anything other than Bass in this drainage.

A thought about invasive species- Here in NJ (USA) we are told to Kill the Snakeheads, as they are invasive and disrupt our native fish populations. Meanwhile in Japan where snakeheads are native, they are told to kill LM Bass which have been illegally introduced, in fear they will dominate the snakeheads. In both places, neither species has destroyed the other and in both cases a balance was found between the species allowing them to coexist. In both cases, the Invasive species grew as large or larger in its introduced habitat than its native range, for example, The Potomac River in MD/VA produced a new world record Northern Snakehead in 2013, and Japanese waters produced a world record tying 22lb 4 oz LM.

Food for thought.


33 thoughts on “Tidal Delaware River Drainage Fishing Bass/Snakehead/Crappie May 2015

  1. I worked at a pet store when I was younger,we sold snakeheads,what a shame!for ANYBODY watching KILL these invaders and feel good about it.unfortunately there will be no stopping these creatures.this is what happens when IRRESPONSIBLE hobbyists think it's alright to dump their tanks in our waterways.we won't know the full impact for quite some time.SO dispatch ALL of these invaders and report the whereabouts of your catch to local fish and game.one last thing these things have a VERY dangerous set of teeth,be careful when you handle these creatures!!

  2. man I'd love to catch a snakehead I wanna mount one for my wall in the worst way.but after I caught my first one id release the rest.studys show it's all bullshit.if there so bad let the fucking wildlife division deal with it.its all propoganda.

  3. what part and side of the Delaware River was this area. I live near the river and have fished only a few spots on it and never have caught anything. I usually dont fish the river i go to lakes and ponds. Nice video!!

  4. I don't want that shit in my waters. I ay you can't bring that ugly ass fish in our country. Fuck that period or if not 10 years time in the fuck you in the ass jail.

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