THE BEST Way To Catch BIG Spring Fish

Troy’s Insta: stewarts_on_bass

The Gear I used..
➤Rod —
➤Reel — 7.1:1 gear ratio casting reel
➤Line —
➤Bait —
➤Hook —
➤Weight —

Date: March 14th 2018
➤The Water…
Water clarity — 1ft
Water temp — 57°F
Average water depth — 4-8ft
Cover — Brush and undercut banks
Current — some slow current

➤The weather
Wind — 10-15mph
Sky — Sunny w/ some clouds
Air temp — 58-62°F

–Young Plugg

What I film with…
Drone —
Camera —
Lens —
GoPro —
BIG SHINY Camera —

My Other Gear…
Computer —
Editing software —
Mic —
Camera Case —
Backpack —

Follow me on…
SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw
FACEBOOK — #ftmw

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45 thoughts on “THE BEST Way To Catch BIG Spring Fish

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  2. Wish i could remember how i got tonthe settings but i cant, however there is a setting somewhere here in youtube that you can adjust how the bell responds to things, delayed notifications, immediate ones, none at all

  3. Been a long time subscriber! 😁 have had ur notifications on since I subscribed! And I will always have them on!! I love ur content Jon! Ur amazing!! U and the rest of the squad has inspired me to go out for the first time and go ice fishing! It was amazing!! 😁😁 love ya Jon!

  4. My favorite bait for spring time bass is the little booyah jig with rattles on it in blue/black (with a matching craw on it). I've been lighting it up with that this week.

  5. I literally havnt watched in mabe a month. I saw this vid on my suggested amd literally thought aw man i havnt watched one of his videos in awhile or seen one in my feed. Like two seconds in seeing what your saying 😆 notification bell here i come. I watch what i want thank you very much youtube

  6. Not on the notification squad…watch when I can, I'll probably go red because I am tired of seeing the ridiculous NRA propaganda.

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