Summertime Bass Fishing Tips!

Summertime Bass Fishing Tips index below:
:40 Locating them
4:40 Big topwater catch
7:28 Catching extra fish in active spots
8:24 How i select summer baits
11:50 Giant bass misses my frog
12:00 Bait sizes/displacement/color
13:00 Water clarity
14:04 Catching big bass around small ones
15:56 Why most anglers lose focus in the summer

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In this episode Nick breaks down the mindset anglers should have when out summertime bass fishing. Frog shade lines, water clarity, oxygen levels, lures sizes & focus. This film was shot on the California Delta in August of 2016.


29 thoughts on “Summertime Bass Fishing Tips!

  1. I am brand spanking new to fishing and the amount of information out there is overwhelming. I want to say that your channel is bar none the BEST information for people like me who are new to the sport. You take all of this information and put it into something actionable that people can process and try. It's one thing to read about a crankbait and what it is but a whole different thing to be told the why, when, what and how to fish a crank bait. Absolutly stellar content. For the quality of content and the wealth of informaiton you put out you should set up a patreon account. Thanks again for another great video.

  2. using this video and your tips for bank anglers videos i have switched up my game and have had some AMAZING days. THABK YOU BROTHER! even got my lady into fishing because we wete hitting em so hard ounching thru our scum pond. amazing tips. keep it up

  3. Hey man love the videos. I doubt you'll see this but I got a huge question for you that i cant seem to find the answer to anywhere. Not sure if my baitcasting reel is just a P.O.S or what but I cant seem to adjust my tension knob loose enough for lighter crankbaits and light lures ect. Am I doing something wrong or whats the deal because it ends in many birds nests and casts too short to even be worth it. Thanks for your time.

  4. what do i do when the fish (where i live) wont bite ANYTHING but live bait but i cant get live bait everytime,
    it seems like the fish nibble at everything first and then if its real they will eat it but if not (even if it is flavoured or scented) they will just ignore it

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