Summertime Bass Fishing Silverwood Lake

Bass fishing from Silverwood Lake in California’s High Desert, fishing in Summer time. The clip is a (Re-Release) highlight of fish I caught over the Summer. The clips are from 2013-2015 The description below has details on each fish catch. I haven’t made it out to Silverwood Lake yet this summer to film. Leave a comment if you have questions.

The baits I used were Robo Worms, Zipper Worms, Grubs 5 & 6 inch, Senkos, Jigs, Jerk Baits, Swimbaits and Brush Hogs.

The first fish was caught on a Roboworm Curly Tail 4.5″ Smoke Purple Neon Smoke. Throw bait to rock wall allowing it to fall slowly, the bites came on the fall.

The next fish came on a Roboworm 6″ Morning Dawn Red Flake, fishing the drop offs. With Drop Shot.

All Grub fish were caught using a Watermelon Black Flake color Grub 5 or 6″. GYCB Grubs

The worm I used next was a Roboworm Zipper Worms in Aarons Magic Rd & Blk Flk. Texas Rig pitched to bank and slowly drug back towards boat.

Next fish was caught on a Wacky Senko Watermelon Blk & Red Flake.

I used a Zoom Fat Albert Grub in Watermelon Seed, pitched it to bank and swam it back. For the next few fish.

Went back to drop Shot using Zoom Tiny Brush Hog in Watermelon Red Flake.

The next two fish were caught on a Zoom Lizard and Trick Worm both color were Watermelon Red Flake.

I finished up the video with another Tiny brush hog fish Drop shot, Watermelon Red Flake.

Music: EDM Detection Mode by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Thanks for watching. BassfishingEd


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