Hot weather & hot action is what I experienced on this incredible day of Summer bass fishing!!! I used a handful of weapons
and the non-stop Summer bass fishing action was incredible with over 50 bass caught!!! A senko in shade, a little swimbait for suspended bass and a killer little topwater popper were the main weapons I used to pull in one Summer bass after another!!!

And BTW…I caught another SNAKE!!!


*Links to some of the bait & tackle I use:

*Booyah “Boss Pop”:
*Gary Yamamoto Senko:
*Roboworm 7″ Strait Tail Worm:
*Fish Head Spin Underspin:
*Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbo Line:
*Team Lew’s Lite Speed Spool:
*St.Croix Avid Rods:
*Shimano Stradic Reel:
*Lew’s Custom Speed Stick “Drop Shot Special”:
*Current Lew’s Reel Equivalent:
*Smelly Jelly Attractant (Crawfishi/Anise):
*Line Conditioner:
*Line Cutters:

*Costa Del Mar Sunglasses:

*My camera equipment:

*Current GoPro equivalent:
*External Audio Mic:
*Open Side Skeleton Housing:
*GoPro Chest Mount:

*Boat Accessories:

*Current Equivalent Lowrance Depth/Fishfinder:
*Battery for Lowrance:
*Trolling Motor:

Pelican Bass Raider Boat Review:

*Amazon Associates Hyperlinks

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48 thoughts on “SUMMER BASS FISHING MADNESS (PICK YOUR WEAPONS!!!) Topwater/Senko/Swimbait

  1. Damm, every time I watch your videos I see you fishing that reel I get more and more tempted to buy it. Can you throw a large spectrum of baits on that bad boy? How does it do with weightless plastics?

  2. We call then banded water snakes here. They're the one that will swim up and annoy you when you're bank fishing. I like your boat. Happy 4th

  3. Cornell, if you haven't tried a Keitech Easy Shiner yet, any color similar to the shad or bait fish colors in your area will do, give it a go. I like them better than the Swing Impact and you might, too! I'd recommend a 4" size, works exceptionally well with a centering pin attached to the nose, fished weedless on a 3/0 or 4/0 where you bring the hook up and leave it tucked down in the built in crease these baits have along their dorsal area. You have that Senko presentation down to a science! It almost rivals your expertise with the Drop Shot. Great video, as always. Brad

  4. Sir you have the best fishing channel!! i fish in tornements and i have a fishing channel to and you set my standars has a fishing channel should be, congratulations and keep doing this good work

  5. the way u fish u really only need two of those rods lol a shakey head tied on and whatever else u feel like throwing that day lol. but u always get on em! nice work man ! lmk when ur comming with me on barcroft

  6. Great video as usual man…..There is a small pond in Germantown and it's overgrown with so much vegetation it's unreal, what would you suggest in a situation like that? Thanks

  7. I don't know of I'm early enough to get a response..but since the last time my dad got released early from prison due to his illness…I showed him your Vids man and he loves them. Another banging video!! Keep it up!!! I'm glad you're still going, gonna watch Gump tonight with pops but only after this video.

  8. You kept on mentioning that you were fishing points but most of the time you looked like you were fishing closer to the middle of the lake. When you say you're fishing points, what actually are you looking for?

  9. have you ever try the mini minnows jerkbait 2",2.5" on a UL that's my favorite bait I catch perch. pan fish. bass peckerles trout on my fine Shakespeare telescopic rod and reel combo from Wal-Mart 20$ 😎😎😎
    nice vid man

  10. Do you ever run into the problem throwing poppers on spinning gear with braid and having the line twist "wind not"? I have been dealing with this with braid. I prefer braid I use p-line 20lb direct tied to popper, but I switched back to mono an use line conditioner to reduce coiling getting frustrated spending the money on braid to have it come off in lumps do to knotting. Thanks for any reply!

  11. Cornell…. Another great video! I'm within about an hour of you. Would you be up for a fishing day? Would love to fish and learn from a knowledgeable angler like yourself. Thanks for the consideration.

  12. nice video u shld do one abt summer crappie fishing on the lake was just there a couple days ago and didnt catch too many of them wondering if u have any secrets for summer crappie there

  13. I wish i had your problem of losing so many soft plastics. I can never seem to have mine be torn apart even when im catching back to back fish. All in all my point is i have about 25 pounds of soft plasticsπŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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