Striped Bass Fishing Tips, New Rig, Exploring Tide Pools

Wasn’t sure if I was going to upload this video since the new rig didn’t work, but here it is anyway. Caught 4 Stripers almost 5 but one got away. Released all of them. Didn’t want the vid to go to waste so we explored some tide pools and got an unexpected hit far away from where we were! Hope you enjoy.


24 thoughts on “Striped Bass Fishing Tips, New Rig, Exploring Tide Pools

  1. Problem with having that third hook, is its location. The line will chafe on the sand in no time and losing a fish never feels good.
    If you want a rig that is good to cast, keeps your gear nicely streamlined in the air (improves casting distance) and still remain effective, look up a pulley/ pennel rig Looks fiddly as hell when you first see them, but after tying a couple, you get very quick at it.

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