Storm 360GT Searchbait Minnow Fishing Bait, Smelt, 3/8 oz/5.5″

Price: $10.05 - $3.50

The Storm 360Gt search bait takes the final step in swim bait lure design. With attention paid to every detail, the forward development is evident at first glance. Rattling, weighted, life-like jig head perfectly matches body for the ultimate natural presentation, while toe-in boot tail design ensures incredible action at every speed. The ultimate confidence lure designed to be fished anywhere by all skill levels.Exclusive VMC coastal black hook has extended “leg” on line tie to further enhance action. 60 degree angle keeps Lure swimming in the perfect position
Easy-to-rig with Entrance and exit holes Indicated on Lure body
Upscale designs, finishes and exclusive 3D holographic eyes
Palate-free body
Contemporary, environmentally responsible trap-clam package
includes 1 Rigged lure, 2 extra bodies

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