Steelhead and Salmon Runs: …Lake Michigan’s Best “River Hot-Spots”

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It happens EVERY YEAR!!! Like clockwork! Steelhead and Salmon make their migrations up tributaries that feed Lake Michigan. They can’t help it…they have to obey Mother Nature! I’ve caught them during their annual “Runs” and you can too. Most anglers don’t even know about these runs…..and those who DO won’t share the info with you. That’s because sometimes the fish are too numerous to count! Lake Michigan is a world class fishery where you can catch Steelhead and Kings from its tributaries in shallow water….right at your feet! And talk about action! When hooked, Steelhead seem to spend more time above the water than in it! Written from personal experience, traveling the Midwest, I’ve fished many of these runs. Some years are better than others and each locale has its own peculiarities. One thing is for sure….fishing these waters will increase your odds of catching fish…..sometimes trophy fish…..more than anything I know of. So relax and enjoy this read. It covers 8 famous Lake Michigan tributaries and gives you tips on time of year, preferred presentations, boat launches, shore access, what type of equipment to bring and what baits work best. Whether you plan on boating, wading, shore angling, casting, spin fishing, casting lures or fly fishing….this book can get you on the right water at the right time of the year. I hope you enjoy it.

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