Spring Time Jerk Bait Fishing Tips – The Things You Need To Know To Catch More Bass

How to fish a jerk bait in the spring time when targeting bass. These tips will help you catch more fish. Eric Oliverson talks about his secret techniques with a jerk bait while fishing on Table Rock Lake.

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40 thoughts on “Spring Time Jerk Bait Fishing Tips – The Things You Need To Know To Catch More Bass

  1. Had to do a double take at the beginning there 🙂 Good tips Erick,jerk baits one of my favorite spring time lures but works all year long. Nice info on the color selections. I fish mainly on fairly clear deep impoundments and color selection can make or break my day.
    Wondering if he borrowed Branden as well as the boat?

  2. This must be an old video! Because in this video Scott's boat doesn't have the Minn Kota Ultrex and the front units are not double stacked. Don't take it the wrong way I'm not complaining! Great video I love jerk bait fishing!

  3. Good stuff here. I never really use a Jerk bait, but may give it another try.
    Up here, all I've ever caught from jerk bait (and why I don't tend to throw it) is Pickerel. Or as I like to call them; "Slime Darts" (nasty things.. lol)

    Thanks for the video.

  4. Well its definitely not the same, but I just got my first Baitcaster and Rod, went with a medium heavy, just in case. Right now looking to Jerk Bait some smallies, problem is out here in Washington State my lake is sitting at 35 degrees F and boy are the fish lethargic. I caught my PB Lake Trout actually while trying to catch some smallies

  5. Hey I live on a Crappie lake in southern Illinois you can still fish bass and there's some walleye , blue gales and shiners can put do vids on crappie and walleye fishing?

  6. hey Scott question. I was told a jerk bait didn't have a lip. so all the long baits like that are jerk baits. I always just threw out and reeled in and some time pause it. I don't have many without the lip. got alot with the lip. so I guess I can jerk bait fish. but after the Dr shocked my legs yesterday and and my MRI. o went to the river and wheeled around got one on a big green jig with crawler bait. and it was only a pound but he spit up a huge bright red crawfish. so there eating good on that river and the catfish Sunday full of snails o mean loaded with snails all 6 were. but today I have my 2 knee injection not ready. but I'll be done about 2 pm. I'm gonna go back to the river for few hrs while my daughter's in school. I'm not gonna be able to walk around but I have my wheel chair I grab 4 rods got rod holders added to it. 2 in front 2 in the back. but I push it down the bank and if I hurt to bad I can set and fish. I'm not quiting fishing I'll use a electric chair to fish. plus simmer giving away fishing gear I have to that's my dream to give to hundreds of kids every year and I'm not quiting. but sorry off subject again. so all my repellas​ with the small bill is a jerk bait. I'm glad I have some yo-zuri I've never had had over 10 years it's time to try them if springs the time. thanks for the video Scott god bless and fish on.

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