SPRING STRIPED BASS – Fishing For STRIPERS w/ Soft Plastic Lures 2017

Yeah, here it is. Bonked about 7 fish other morning to around 33″ or so. First fish was the biggest of them but my camera on a stick gave me some issues for a good shot – corrupt SD card. Covering an assortment of jigheads is a good idea for early season. Depths they’ll be feeding will probably ranged from 5ft down to 15 feet down in general. And typically bigger fish will be more bottom oriented.

Goes down simple – cruise mark fish, troll, then if you still have fish cast into them. Exactly what I did here.

Trolled around for miles looking for fish and eventually got them – EliasVFishing shad in white with a 1.5 oz jig head was the right call landing todays fish. Water was like coffee due to heavy run off.

You can buy these shads from my website –
www.EliasVFishing.com, Bernie’s Bait & Tackle in Brooklyn, NY, Reel Seat in NJ, or Three Belles outfitters in CT

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45 thoughts on “SPRING STRIPED BASS – Fishing For STRIPERS w/ Soft Plastic Lures 2017

  1. great video ,, gonna be hitting my spring spots also have some of your plastic shad's tight lines man, yup there around JUST WAITING for H2O temps to rise up a touch here around Buzzards Bay Ma

  2. Elias, my pleasure and it's the least that I can do for someone that drives from Brooklyn to Setauket to speak to the kids in the high school club. They were so happy to have you speak at a meeting.
    Anytime you need more, just let me know.

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