Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tournament

Another fishing tournament but this time we were targeting smallmouth and we didn’t get the win or even cash a check.. Fishing the river has always been tough for me but I’m learning it more and more each time I’m out there. This time we were around fish but just needed a kicker bite to pull through and weren’t able to.

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26 thoughts on “Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tournament

  1. Not knocking u or anything bill, love the vids, u should have dumped that shaky head and picked up a tube or a jig, smallies love rock piles/ rock walls anywhere u go willing to bet thats how the other guys were cathing some of their fish

  2. awesome video, and huge fan. I am wondering if you have any experience fishing Gull lake near Kalamazoo. I have a kayak tournament there on July 8th and was hoping you had a few tips for me. thanks!!

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