Small River/Creek Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

A little different video, fishing a small river for smallmouth bass with tubes. Caught a few decent sized fish for such a small river.

Date: July 2, 2015
Location: Middle Rouge River, MI
Weather: high of 79 degrees, partly cloudy, light east wind
Water Clarity: 1-2 feet
Bait Used: Strike King Coffee Tube (3.5″, 1/8oz, watermelon/gold/copper)
Big Bass of the day: ~1.25 lbs


48 thoughts on “Small River/Creek Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

  1. Nice job! Gotta love those small creeks for Smallmouth. I love tubes for them. I also use the Yamamoto Fat Baby Craws, idk if you've used em before. They catch me smallies all the time.

  2. I think the secret is out I'm seeing more people fishing the middle hopefully and for the most part people are practicing Catch and release its a diamond in the rough

  3. This is great…you say that's a small river but man around where I live all I have is this SUPER tiny creek…!
    The deepest spots are only about 4-5 ft and most of it is just super shallow.
    After it rains though, if I'm lucky, I can find some decent sized bass that get caught in some of the deeper pools and can't get out 😛

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