Shore Fishing – Surf Fishing for Sea Bass with Metal Lures

When targeting Sea Bass from the beach metal lures can be very useful particularly when the conditions make it difficult to use plugs and soft plastics such as when there are strong winds and heavy seas. In this video, I talk about the use of metal lures (jigs and casting jigs) and fish a surf beach on a very windy day.

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26 thoughts on “Shore Fishing – Surf Fishing for Sea Bass with Metal Lures

  1. Gives this man a thumbs up,great videos keep up the good work and its good you explain size regulations ,me personally don't live near the sea sadly so go little but its very important to release under size fish and we have a big problem both river and sea with easton europeans eating under sized ,love the traps as well keep it up ————————–🐟 tight lines

  2. Another excellent video Rob. I've had some really good success with Dennets Super Sprats in both 28g and 40 g this year. Particularly in the Sandeel colour. And as well as Bass they have been excellent for Seatrout. I think it's the action that makes them so successful. I believe Hanson make something similar and we have the Kilty lures over here in Ireland that are also pretty good. Keep up the good work Rob, much appreciated by many folks!

  3. Hi mate, always love watching your videos, have watched them all and eagerly wait for the next one. Also must mention the music you put in, the length of the intro, your talking speed makes it all a very good watch.. We love the water here in NZ and kayak fishing is becoming very popular. I personally have learnt alot from you and really appreciate your efforts and time you put in to share your knowledge with all. Cheers. Ali

  4. Well I been glued to all your videos over the last couple of days.
    Learning lots of new methods and rigs
    Heading to lamorna cove on the 5th November going to hopefully try kayak fishing if the weather permits for the first time.
    Have no expectations but will be fun trying to fish from one

  5. Have come back to fishing since I am retiring. Very interesting video. Made me realize I need a heavier spinning rod. Any suggestions are welcome. Look forward to more videos. Very relaxing to watch and enjoy when I have some free time.

  6. Another awesomely helpful video, cheers. Oh and I caught my first fish lure fishing today, I was targeting bass and caught a Gurnard so I am told hahah starnge looking fish but it was good to catch something, it was about 30cm maybe slightly bigger so I was pretty chuffed.

  7. CHANNEL UPDATE 02/08/17: Just one comment to say thank you for all of your positive, appreciative, and encouraging comments, which are greatly appreciated and encourage me to carry on making videos when I can. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to answer all comments individually for all videos but all of your comments will be read. I will still endeavour to answer questions if I can. Rob.