Senkos, Topwaters & Punching For Summer Bass

Hey Folks! This is footage from 7/3. We were fishing in the middle of a front today. We got rained on off and on which is main reason why I don’t have footage of all of our fish. We caught over 10 fish off camera that day. I didn’t bring my water proof back for my GoPro because the forecast said it was supposed to be nice and sunny. However, as usual, the forecast in Washington is way off.

Equipment Used:
7′ M Dobyns Fury 703SF
Daiwa Fuego 2000SH
30 lb Braid to 12 lb Fluorocarbon Leader
2/0 Wacky Hook
5″ Black n Blue Senko

7’6″ MH Powell Diesel
Pflueger Supreme XT
65 lb Braid to 30 lb Copoly Leader
Pencil Style Walking Bait

7’11” H Veritas
Daiwa Tatula Type R
65 lb Braid
1 oz Tungsten – 4/0 VMC HD EWG – 5″ Pit Boss & 6″ Brush Hog

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