Norris Lake Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Hey guys.

Here it is. The first successful filming trip of the year.

Join me and Davy Floyd, WINNER of the 2014 Oakley Big Bass Tournament on Douglas Lake, as we head out on Norris Lake to pre-fish for the Morristown Marine Trail tournament on Norris Lake.


4 thoughts on “Norris Lake Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing

  1. FWIW to you, and I don't know how anyone else feels about it but I would much prefer to hear the sound of the fishing experience  ie , boat chatter, birds, waves as opposed to loud music.  Beautiful spot, nice fish.  Thanks.

  2. Hey guys, Nice videos on Norris.  I've been fishing like 3 times on Norris and I must be doing something wrong because I have never had so much as a nibble.  I grew up fishing large mouth a little further up North so maybe everything I'm doing is wrong 🙁

    Anyway your vid at least gives me faith that there is something alive in the water over there lol.

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