MTB Bass School – My Last MTB Video – Time for a change

In this video I take the MTB Pro Box and show you how to fish a few of the baits in the box. Enjoy.

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Tackle used in this video –
Rod – 13 Fishing Fate Chrome –
Reel – 13 Fishing Concept A –
Line – Seaguar fluorocarbon –
Boat – Alumacraft Pro 185

Video equipment used in this video –
Camera – Cannon 80D, GoPro Hero 3 and 5
Camera stands – YoloTek Power Stick
Microphone – Sony UWPD 11/42
Editing Software – Adobe Premiere Pro

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35 thoughts on “MTB Bass School – My Last MTB Video – Time for a change

  1. I was a MTB member for 2+ years, but then I realized they basically sent the same type baits with just a slight variation in colors or the wrong type baits for my region. But I have to say they are soooooo much better than "Fishing Care Package"….Love ya Gene and keep the videos coming, YOU ROCK !!

  2. Can't wait to see the changes you're making. You've always done quality work. Any chance you'd like to try out one of my hand made lures and give me your opinion on it? Shallow square bills in particular.

  3. look people as I've always said if you don't like this or any other video then move on no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to watch you make that choice on your own so you don't really have any one else to realy blame but your self so save your rude remarks and your drama I'm realy sick of it all I mean realy act like the adult's your suppose to be and not children

  4. I don’t know I’ve been trying to let you figure it out for awhile, and I know you’ve been through a lot, but it really doesn’t seem like you like what your doing. It’s not just this one video, but almost all your videos it seems like you’ve lost your enthusiasm. Or it seems like you might be trying too hard to show enthusiasm. Don’t get me wrong i still enjoy the info, but I think it would be great to see you have a great time. Just go have fun and film yourself doing it.

  5. Change is good as long as sit keeps paying for that beautiful little house and land .and of course keeps the wife happy!good luck Gene. I just bought a bunch of hard crankbait a ,some lipless, a couple deep water some with a square bill. I need to learn how to organize them all in one specific container a don figure out when to fish what. You e shown met his bass fishing really is a dam science! Anyway you need a new buddy to fish with

  6. I got an MTB box for Christmas, was quite excited to receive it at the time, watched some videos of un-boxings, seen some cool baits, however I catch most of my fish on three lures crank bait, spinnerbait, and senko/craw Texas rigs. It’s always cool to see new things, but I’ll stick to what I know works. Congrats for you, hope everything works out for ya! See ya on the next vidya!

  7. i just lost my vikara crank from this months box. and i cant find a place to buy a replacement. any one know where i can buy them? i tried mtb's website and they have it but no option to buy it.

  8. I never understood the monthly boxes. Half the stuff I would never even be able to use (most of my lakes are shallow, heavy cover, stained water)

  9. Gene,
    How can I order that shirt and a decal of yours? I want to support you with a decal on my boat and my kayak! Your a great teacher and you have been doing it for all the right reasons! Keep up the great work brother! From Rockford, IL

  10. You don’t seem like your self any more man, you used to b excited in your videos and loved what you were doing….. all changed when u quit ur job and started doing it full time, your videos changed. Still watch regardless but was wondering if anyone else noticed this

  11. I canceled my MTB when I got that idiotic mouse head swim jig. The weed guard is ridiculously stiff and angled all wrong. Do they expect the bass to politely bite behind it? I'm tired of getting some company's unsold garbage along with a few decent baits in unpopular colors every month.

  12. I too, became a subscriber to MTB after watching your first several slam videos. However, after three years, I also just ended my MTB subscription. Over the last year or so they have drifted in a direction almost 180 deg. away from what attracted me to them in the first place. The variety of brands has all but disappeared since the catch co items started showing up, and the regular box has become a ghetto, seemingly to incentivize ponying up more money for a pro or elite subscription. This month was finally the last straw, as I decided I was no longer getting the kind of service I had originally signed up for.

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