Monster Largemouth Bass Crushes Topwater Frog (8.39 lbs)

Hey Folks! If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I recently bought a new bass boat! I bought a 2015 Bass Tracker Pro Team 190 TX! This was my third time taking her out but my first time doing any real bass fishing in it. New Boat, New Personal Best! In March 2014, I caught a 7.76 lb largemouth on a jig. I failed to beat that in 2015 but I finally beat it in 2016 with a monster 8.39 lber! This may quite possibly be the best boat break in ever! I am still extremely stoked!

Equipment Used:
7’11” H Abu Garcia Veritas Flipin Stick
Daiwa Tatula Type R
65 lb Braid
1.5 oz Tungsten – 4/0 VMC HD EWG – 6″ Brush Hog

7’3″ XH Daiwa Ballistic Frog Rod
Shimano Chronarch Ci4+ 151HG
65 lb Braid
Spro King Daddy

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36 thoughts on “Monster Largemouth Bass Crushes Topwater Frog (8.39 lbs)

  1. CONGRATS on the New Personal Best!!!

    Yes, quite the way to break in the new boat. That spot is one of my favorites on that lake, caught many fish there, but none that big.

  2. I also think that if you'd played the fish more, like I like to do most of the time, instead of hustling it to the boat, the fish would have gotten away. As the frog dropped out of the fish's mouth when in the net. And yes, THAT is why you keep pressure on the line/fish/rod when playing, or hustling, a fish to the net. Ya did good.

  3. Just had a thought. I've gotta quit doing that, it hurts. lol

    But, 8 pounds, would that be a 20 year old fish? If so, maybe I caught that fish when she was a little baby. HaHaHa

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