Marabou Hair Jigs for GIANT Smallmouth Bass with Seth Feider & Josh Douglas

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Seth Feider and Bassmaster Open Pro Josh Douglas showcase how to catch giant smallmouth bass on a little known northern technique of casting a small hand-tied marabou hair jig to clear water smallies. Hand-tied with only the finest strands of marabou and tricked out to “fly” with perfection, the Outkast Tackle Feider Fly is custom made from start to finish, by Seth and Josh themselves.

Joining them in their day on the water is good buddy, LSU Shreveport college angler, JP Kimbrough!

Check it out!


14 thoughts on “Marabou Hair Jigs for GIANT Smallmouth Bass with Seth Feider & Josh Douglas

  1. what water temp/calendar periods does this technique work for? does it work in river systems and reservoir? how much does water clarity affect this? video is dope by the way! thanks guys

  2. Nice look'n jigs, I tie my own as well. I like the storage box you guys are using that has the foam in it, who makes it and where could a person buy one if you don't mind me ask'n. I have about 7dz. jigs that need a new home and that box would be perfect. Thanks, J. Bowerman

  3. Josh do you know the model number of the Seth Feider Cronos spinning rod designed for hair jigs? I see they have a 7'6" med-med lite power with fast tip, but also one with extra fast tip. I'm wondering which one it is? Thanks.

  4. Hey guys got some of the jigs and they look great. I see they got a nice hook keeper on em. Do you guys use trailers with em too or just fish em as is? I fish a lot of hair jigs on the bottom for smallies here in ny and bed fishing. Keep catch'n!

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