Largemouth Bass 6 and 9lbers on Topwater at Lake Fork for more fishing stuff follow my tweets

Fishing the low light hours for three days, there was too many topwater bites to film. These are some of the strikes that were caught on camera, including a 9lber being caught.

Walking baits rigged on 15lb LFT Powersilk mono line and my favorite topwater rod, a Dobyns Champion 704CB were used to land all these bass. Walking the bait at a medium to slow retrieve was the best for triggering the big strikes.


44 thoughts on “Largemouth Bass 6 and 9lbers on Topwater at Lake Fork

  1. Hey Lakeforkguy. I was really wondering what is a good shallow running crankbait rod? Or a crankbait rod in general? I'm confused on which brand and action to buy. Like Medium or Medium Heavy. Just don't know. Any feed back would be perfect!

  2. Toolgirly462 you need to back off ok. I understand treating the fish with respect but I would guess due to your comment below u fish with gaff hooks so imagine how much more that hurts the fish so please don't try to troll or point out every little detail thx. Tight lines justin

  3. I did not see him mishandle a fish at any point in the video. Lakeforkguy is actually very professional in the way he handles fish, setting them back in the water and reviving them before letting them go. Minimal time out of the water, he knows what hes doing.

  4. Hey bud I watch a lot of your videos. What do u fish with the most? Do you use Lake Fork Lures also what do you use? Thanks having problems finding them in ponds here in SC.

  5. Hey justin, I was just wondering when is the best time to use a topwater? I have never caught a bass on topwater and would really like to experience the excitement of the strike. Maybe a tips video or some pointers? Thanks

  6. @ Brandon Sor – I fish Fork quite a bit. I live right here on the lake. I have the best luck with topwaters in late evenings in the summer months. My lure of choice is always a chartreuse and red Skipjack, which unfortunately, is no longer made. I bought a case of them back in the 80's because I have had, and continue to have such great luck with them. Cast near or next to cover, let the rings from where it lands ripple out until you can't see them any more. Usually about 45 seconds to 1 minute. Pop the lure one time in about a 6" movement. Any nearby fish will be watching it at this point. Do another 3-4" pop or slow reel and chances are you'll get a strike. Calm smooth water is easier and best to fish topwaters. It's basically a matter of making your lure appear to be a natural bait, triggering an instinct strike from the bass. If you're fishing from a boat, try to position yourself to where you can cast parallel to the bank in about 4-6' of water. That way you can cover more of the strike zone.

  7. im going to lake fork in a couple of days just to fish early morning then come back home what do I use and where to go? im thinking top water bite? little mustang maybe? hope to hear back before I leave lol just got a new boat and hope to break it in at fork thanks

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