Lake Champlain Bass Fishing.

Lake Champlain is a big lake, with a reputation for big largemouth bass, big smallmouth bass, and big waves. This video is full of all three. See giant largemouth bass caught on a dropshot, big smallmouth bass caught on a dropshot, and watch as we lift 4 fish from the livewell that each weigh more than five pounds. Watch as we leave the house at 2:30 am, drive almost 5 hours and overcome a speeding ticket, a website error that help up getting our licenses, and poor conditions until it all came together in one incredible hour. This video is proof to what can happen if you don’t give up. Thanks for watching, please give it a thumbs up and add a comment at the bottom and don’t forget to check out my website, for more fishing videos on smallmouth and largemouth.
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4 thoughts on “Lake Champlain Bass Fishing.

  1. It's very cool to see the results of a great fishing trip by two guys who obviously know what they are doing. I just can't help but think that you have the opportunity to do so much more. That video could have been so much more valuable if you lost the sound track and talked about the season of the year, fishing conditions, depth, structures and cover that you fished and other relevant facts. You don't need to "give away the store" with coordinates or landmarks, or tell the general public every secret, but there were so many lessons simply missing from this video. What was the season (summer, you hinted) weather trend (pre-frontal, "it didn't rain"), water color, depth of best catches, presentation actually used (not just the drop-shot you planned on the way), how did you pick this particular lake and approach, etc. Look, you guys put up a terrific video, no doubt about that, but this whole approach is only a faint shadow of what you could do to teach other anglers some of what you know. Then, instead of an entertaining and self-congratulatory story you could create real value to fellow anglers. People really respect great teachers and you could build a solid following, and a reputation of respect by giving more. I sure would appreciate learning from you about catching big bass instead of merely celebrating your impressive success. What do you think about stepping up to a bigger challenge and achieving genuine accomplishment with these videos? I'd love to talk with you about kicking this up to something bigger and more worthwhile.

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