Kayak Fishing Tennessee Rivers: GIANT SMALLMOUTH – Pt 2

I love fishing for river smallmouth from the kayak. In fact, I just love getting on these rivers in the kayak and exploring. These places are the reason that I chose to call Tennessee home after retiring from the Navy and they never disappoint.

This is Part 2 of this trip, so be sure to check out Part 1 if you haven’t seen it!

Kayak Fishing Tennessee Creeks: GIANT SMALLMOUTH – Pt. 1:

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26 thoughts on “Kayak Fishing Tennessee Rivers: GIANT SMALLMOUTH – Pt 2

  1. Ty Chad. These last two videos have me thinking about my TOW with swift currant skills. Every trip with moving water helps me learn to read the water ahead a little better every time. Every day I drive somewhere I see every body of water I pass and I'm thinking in my head, yes or no. Man I can't wait for pre-spawn to get here!

  2. Man that place is gorgeous! Wish I knew where it was. I live in Mississippi. I'd like to see a video where you came here and fished some lakes or creeks. We have a lot of'em

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