Kayak Fishing Smallmouth Bass On Beds

It’s Memorial Day weekend and the smallmouth bass are on beds. I sneak up on a few in my kayak and get them to hit my “tin foil” color Yum Dinger. I also used this opportunity to try out my new GoPro Hero 5 black edition which so far I’m very impressed with compared to previous generations.


25 thoughts on “Kayak Fishing Smallmouth Bass On Beds

  1. Really nice! Thanks for taking us along! I noticed you are in a Wildy Tarpon (I have one too) and that you're standing and fishing in it. Do you have any outriggers or anything or do you find the Tarpon to be stable enough to stand?

  2. Matt,  Matt ,Matt ,matt, matt. Where do I begin with this one my friend? Just an awesome video and I enjoyed all 20 min and 16 seconds of it. Like such a fan of the commentary and you communicating with us. It just feels like a ride along. Great idea to use the hat cam, as it looked like such an amazing day to be site fishing. Love how you hook set that fish near the dock one armed I notice you had the paddle in  your other  hand paddling,  no wonder why you almost took a dive. That wasn't easy my friend but yet again you make it look effortless. Also how can we not talk about that pike strike that was just awesome looking, really quick fish man ill tell ya. They strike with such precision next fav species after the bass of course. Now on to your camera congrats on the upgrade and I mean looking on to the beds and in the water just crystal clear. I mean I can vividly see the shells and the sand on the bed as if I was in the yak with you(ride along).Thanks for the video matt really enjoy this and most importantly I learn a lot.

  3. Love the fishing and narration. Hope to see some amazing footage and memories from this summer. Your set up there looks awesome, keep rocking the waters. Subscribed & liked, please check out our channel / sub if you get the chance.