Jig & Spoon Bass Fishing Docks – How to Catch Fish

Watch this full 52-minute bass fishing around docks video with FLW pro James Watson with our limited time 10-day trial at to learn how to catch bass around docks, primarily with jigs and spoons.

James Watson is an accomplished tournament angler with an FLW Tour win and a BASS Open win. In the full seminar, James will talk about dissecting pole and floating docks, and cover, in-depth, his two primary tools (a jig and a flutter spoon). Watson will also talk about other dock fishing techniques, like drop-shotting and tube fishing. Learn secrets to getting fish to bite and getting bass to the boat. James also shares tips for how long to spend on docks with a spoon, techniques for getting the spoon in difficult places, the best conditions for fishing a the spoon, and how to experience more success bass fishing in skinny water under shallow docks.


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