Learn to attack any body of water using seasonal bass fishing techniques in Part 2A of the INTERMEDIATE Guide to Bass Fishing.

We discuss common movement patterns, the factors that contribute to certain behavior, and some good baits to catch largemouth bass on in each of the SIX seasons of bass fishing.

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31 thoughts on “INTERMEDIATE GUIDE to BASS FISHING: 2A – Seasonal Bass Behavior

  1. I've been fishing on my local lake in TN for the past 3 or 4 months and I have yet to get a single bass. I talked to a couple of men and they said they caught 2 on a Carolina rig and a drop shot in the very early morning. I've also heard some people have had luck during the night. I don't know what is up with this season, but it is slow.

  2. Nice high level presentation.  too many factors involved to be as simple as you make it sound.  Current, wind, fronts, barometric pressure, temp, rain/flooding, lake elevations, tournament pressure.

  3. Was the thumbnail intentional?

    In the fall bass think with their mouths (gorging on baitfish)

    In winter they think with their stomachs( chasing after big meals , slow lethargic like when we eat alot)

    In spring they think with their crotches (spawn)

    And in summer they think with their tails( aggressive, super active)

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