Idiots Spray Painted Graffiti! – Jig Fishing for Big Bass from the Bank

Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? Today I am bass fishing from the bank with jigs. I started with an underspin and didn’t have any luck. I quickly changed to a black and blue jig and got my first bite of the day at the boat launch. I missed the first bass but decided to keep fishing the jig. I moved to a new spot on the lake and quickly got snagged and lost a jig. After I tied on a new, bigger jig, I continued to cast and pitch near the shore. I finally hook into a nice bass but it gets hung up in the weeds. I decide to walk out into the water to get him. I am glad I did as I finally get the 4 pound bass on shore. I am slowly gaining confidence in the jig as it starts to catch big largemouth bass, even from the bank. I also run across some crappy bathroom graffiti before I leave for the day.Can you believe some idiot spray painted this in the bathroom? Check out the low quality of this pathetic graffiti for yourself.


35 thoughts on “Idiots Spray Painted Graffiti! – Jig Fishing for Big Bass from the Bank

  1. Nice catch. I bought similar green crawfish and used it texas rigged. I didn't catch anything so I sprayed crawfish scent on it and caught one the first cast afterwards. Then I sprayed the whole bag with the scent, waited an hour and caught 3 more. I am not sure if they are meant to be a trailer or used as a lure by itself but I caught using them as just a lure. BTW, who cares if it was 3, 4, 5, 10 pounds? It's your catch, good job.