How to Pick the Best Topwater Lure for Bass Fishing | When and Why to use for ALL Types

In this video I demonstrate all of the different general types of topwater lures for bass fishing and When and Why to use them. So I speak of when certain topwater baits work better and/or catch fish better in certain situations and times of year.
If you want more in depth info on any of these lures, be sure to leave that in the comments below and I’ll do what I can! All suggestions are appreciated!

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30 thoughts on “How to Pick the Best Topwater Lure for Bass Fishing | When and Why to use for ALL Types

  1. Topwater… have you tried the RageTail Shads by Strike King? If so, what do you think about them? Covering water? Too much actions going on? Personal opinions would be nice. :]

  2. I am with you on the prop baits. I make my own. My average bass on one is 3 to 5#. I buy hardware from Lure Parts. I use a router to round the wood portion of the bodies. Mine float high in the water as I use cut very light plastic wine plastic corks above a strong 1/2 " wood base.. I fish these sort of like a bass bug on a fly rod. It only takes a slight forward movement to cause the props to rotate..Over submerged grass is a great place to search.. Slick surface areas under windy conditions .and waves is the tell tale place to search. Yes.. I have been tying my bass bugs since 1946, I caught my first bass about the time I caught my first decent trout. Roughly 1940..

  3. Paused it in the first minute, you are right on the money, I have to say I truly lack confidence in all top water lures and this is why I give up in 20 or less casts, and have not caught a single fish with top water in the 2 years I have been fishing.

  4. I like short, quick tip videos when I have little time, or when I'm looking for a way to do a specific thing.  But I love long videos that go in-depth, that actually teach a subject, rather than just one small aspect of that subject.  It's the difference between a video that shows how to fish a popper, and a video that shows how to fish several top water baits.  Both types of videos have their place, and both are valuable.

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