How To Make Homemade Carp Fishing Boilies For Winter To Defeat Readymade Baits – Part 1!

Improve your catches and think more like a sharper carper! This article offers expert tips to empower you to make superior homemade boilies which will catch big fish in winter and summer conditions! Designing homemade baits to beat readymade baits can be as simple or complex as you decide. Complex tips, bait secrets and some simpler guidance too are included here to get you catching more big fish this year; so read on now!

A bait as simple as bread paste obviously works and the old British record carp of 44 pounds was caught on this bait by Richard Walker. If you ask the question of why this bait actually attracted this fish and stimulated into feeding then you get a crucial list of properties, characteristics and factors of an all year round bait successful in all conditions! We can use all these things and more as a guide to designing better more successful, more functionally optimised boilies, pastes, stick and spod mixes, particle mixes, ground baits, pop up baits, pellets and so on!

The first point about bread is that it easily becomes solution in water so that carp can detect it using their multiple sensory systems. The second point is about the ingredients of bread and what these do to carp senses to stimulate them, both externally and internally when in solution. This subject is incredibly significant and is as thought provoking as how water reactive bread and its constituents are, and their impacts on fish senses, metabolism, digestion, energy release, mood altering capacities and much more besides!

Just to give you a hint as to what is coming up, I can make baits which last internally intact and incredibly functionally optimised and maximised for external and internal impacts on carp and water reactivity with zero heating, and this really means absolutely no cooking, heating, boiling or steaming, of any kind. These are truly optimised baits on a huge range of functional levels and vital nutritional and stimulatory factors!

These homemade baits need heating as they are designed to become exactly what is required in the water! No boiled, steamed, or heated bait that coagulates can be truly termed optimised for nutritional stimulation and such baits are very far from being optimised for functional performance. This is a huge reason why I do not use readymade baits; you can make homemade baits work better on a wide range of levels!

Based on the bread and bread paste example, perhaps think about bait from this starting point first. Bread is composed of a number of…

Source by Tim F. Richardson

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