How To Make Homemade Carp Boilies For Winter And Spring Using Secrets Of Kelp!

Bill Cottam the big man at Nutrabaits rates kelp in his top 10 list and this very much relates to the potent power of kelp and its nutritional stimulation in various forms. I have been creating exceptionally nutritionally stimulating homemade baits for long enough to share with you in confidence a few expert secrets on creating very potent recipes so read on and catch more winter and spring big carp right now!

You might assume that effective carp baits must be composed of certain additives and ingredients to work in order to keep ahead of fish suspicions. To make highly effective homemade carp baits using kelp and seaweeds is not in itself that unusual. But really very few people make baits orientated and focused around the attraction and stimulation of these ingredients and this is probably because they have not quite realised how effective these are!

If you create a bait using crunchy kelp and for example CC Moore kelp complex liquid, you will have a sound core of special cellular energy releasing vitamin B12 that is for sure, and this is one critical factor in baits for low temperatures! Obviously baits for cold temperatures are far more effective if you avoid draining energy in fish, and actually boost their internal energy! Creating baits seriously enriched with kelp or related vitamin B12 seaweeds is a very direct way to achieve this and get more bites and more fish!

These forms of baits do not drain fish internal energy by trying them having to digest heavy proteins. Seaweeds including crunchy kelp meal and seaweed liquid complexes are the only significant source of vitamin B12 outside of the animal kingdom, so this means they are especially potent! They are also particularly rich in feed triggering and palatability enhancing amino acids plus essential vitamins and minerals and trace elements all of which enhance the attraction of baits and are all too often overlooked!

I wrote about salts and essential minerals and their attraction in my very first carp bait secrets ebook and now these are being exploited as a niche product, in the forms of rock salts. However seaweeds are already rich in nutritionally stimulatory minerals so bear this in mind. In complete contrast to anything Kevin Nash has said about rock salts compared to sea salts I have been using sea salts for years with great success.

I have used sea salts within boilies, pastes, ground baits, spod and method and stick mixes and others, as enhancers to enhance the impacts of amino acids, flavours and so on….

Source by Tim F. Richardson

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