How To Fish Plastic Worms | Bass Fishing

How to catch bass with a plastic worm. Tips and techniques that show right way to fish plastic worms for big bass.

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35 thoughts on “How To Fish Plastic Worms | Bass Fishing

  1. There a lot bites that you do not sense, the bass sometimes just bits the plastic and let it go so you have to be really focus on the line and feel the rod, otherwise you will not fieel the bite, and some of the time the big ones do this, it just happens to me 2 weeks a go, i bearly sense the bite.
    This video covers all the basics great video
    Thanks bass resource

  2. Thank you so much! My kids are sick of catching small fish using real worms and bobbers. We are going to try this this weekend. We used to just throw the rubber worm out there and real it in apparently to fast. We would catch maybe on fish for every 10 fishing trips! Thanks for the detail and plain English.

  3. How much time do you think you have to set the hook? I feel a bump and I pull as hard as I can…Needless to say I rarely catch anything. It's like buck fever but its bass fever. This is such a hard process for me.

  4. Great video man. Im having no luck at all. been fishing in southern Washington for about a year and a half trying to catch me a bass and no luck. hopefully this helps me. very easy to follow and understand. thanks for the video! Subscribing for sure.