How to Fish a Wacky Rig for Bass | Bass Fishing

Here’s how to fish a wacky worm the best ways to catch more bass! Learn where to fish it, when to fish it, and how to fish worms wacky style to catch big bass!

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42 thoughts on “How to Fish a Wacky Rig for Bass | Bass Fishing

  1. Haven't had much luck wacky rigging myself. both times I've tried it I've gotten snagged and broken off. I may have to look around some stores and grab some of the weedless hooks, or try making the regular hook weedless as I saw on a website the other day.

  2. I wanted to tell you how great this video was. I recently got back into frequent fishing after many years of it being rare due to life things. I inherited my father "small tackle shop" worth of rods, reels and tackle. He loved to fish. Probably slightly more than he loved to find and buy more gear and tackle "just cuz you never know what they will want" I kept hearing about wacky rig and I had to find out what it was. I googled videos and yours popped up. So I tried it out. I have about 8 bass this year and 6 of them on wacky rig. I was using various size rods/reels and line weights. Some braid some mono. KVD Coffee scented green pumpkin sticks ( I just ran out of them so time to shop haha) I use them with weedless weighted like you show, with standard J hooks, Circle hooks and off center circles too. Basically the fish just cant say no. Well except this one lake in the WMA I fish. So far those bass only hit rattle traps from rapala. Anyway, many thanks this is one video that definately improved my catch.

  3. Glad you didn't completely bash people who use o-rings. When you use a cenko weightless it has a vibrating/flutter action so you don't really have to use a jig, unless you're in deeper water which I think you were. The o-rings help us average Joes to not waste our hard earned money by having to buy a ton of worms. You will lose a lot if blue gills are around and short striking bass and even weeds without o-rings.

  4. your videos are awesome I haven't caught any bass yet with wacky rigs but hopefully I do so I get more experience for senkos and other baits for bass and some color senkos work amazingly for drop shot because of what they like I guess

  5. At 3:55 or so you appear to say that you tie the jig directly to the spinning line. Is that the case? I'm always forced to use a swivel in order to not get twists in the line after a few casts. As a result, I put it about 18" from the jig. What am I missing, here?

  6. I'm new to fishing. But when you're reeling as you move the rod up and down, your bringing the bait in correct? I noticed you said keep a slack line. I fish two spin rods. no good at bait casters. please clarify how to work that bait.

  7. First time on this channel. I already like this guy. Honest and not trying to do a bunch of unnecessary stuff and use ridiculous amounts of gear to impress people or make himself sound more educated. All about the honest, simple approach that works best for him in his experience. And amen to the worm color not making a massive difference. I'm always debating people on that topic and I'm with you. It's all in the action.

  8. Weights on most baits that are MEANT for wacky rigging remove the flutter. Like a Senko, worms that arent stick baits and are heavier on one end like the one you use will not flutter as well. Ive done multiple tests on it and the only reason to wacky with a weight is to get it in deeper water. Plus its a finesse style of fishing and that massive jig head takes away from the presentation. Some of that is my opinion but some is also a fact.

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