How to Find Bass on One of These Things – Summer Fishing Tips

Looking for largemouth bass on electronics in the summer in deep water. I have found that searching points are a great place to start, but finding bait for the largemouth bass to hang around is also key. Look for baitfish that are broken up like I explain in the video, and it’s a good sign that you are in a good bass feeding area.

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36 thoughts on “How to Find Bass on One of These Things – Summer Fishing Tips

  1. Hey man, can you maybe explain in one video how to know where to cast in deep water, i find myself getting turned around and not knowing where the spot i just found fish actually is, ive tried using the markers but im not sure where you throw them, thanks!

  2. i understand how to read the graph all except one important thing. what direction is it pointing in? its it parallel with the boat, or is it a wider scan with a general direction?

  3. Could not see what u were trying to show us I think if u shade you're unit from the sun the screen will show up much better I would like to see this where I could see screen u are doing a great job trying to show us what to look for on our units and where to fish during this time of year

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