How to fillet a Largemouth Bass

See more at: Straight forward video on how to clean a largemouth bass. A great example on how to fillet a fish. Original music.


32 thoughts on “How to fillet a Largemouth Bass

  1. A few extra words on the method would've been a bonus. Easy enough to do for sure. As for all the pop ups on the screen for links on how to fillet each fish, they get in the way.

  2. The lost meat on his filets was to avoid the rib cage which I can understand. These fish have some seriously hard core ribs but personally I cut through the ribs then remove them from the filet by undercutting them slightly then scoring the open side and pulling them out

  3. Number one you done a shitty job of cleaning it you tried to do it so fast. I will not eat from your hands or your kitchen it was dirty as was you. Number 2 eating bass is nasty. Only low life dirty ass people that can't afford to eat catch bass out of a lake to eat especially largemouth bass. Get a job and clean your self up All you bass eating bums will probably start eating rats next

  4. For everyone complaining about the annotations (advertisements) on the top of the screen. Click the GEAR on the bottom right corner of the video and turn them OFF. You don't have to go through and close them one by one. You can just turn them all of with one click.

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