How To Detect A Bite | Bass Fishing

Here’s how to learn what a bite feels like when fish bites a soft plastic bait. You’ll know how to tell when a fish bites your plastic lure after watching this video.

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44 thoughts on “How To Detect A Bite | Bass Fishing

  1. Thanks for the insight…experience will definitely help you determine when to set the hook. A good quality rod will allow the angler to feel the bite better as well.

  2. I've tried the slip shot in the past, with some luck but nothing compares to just feel.  When the bass hit either lite or heavy it's just something you have to get use too.

  3. So I tried this the last two weekends I went fishing and I used a 4" Zoom Dead Ringer in Green Pumpkin and it is great I am catching larger fish and it is a blast.  I am now going to use this bait for drop shotting this weekend.  Thanks

  4. I've been bass fishing for close to 8 years now and just started to get into jig fishing and I seem to always miss the fish and I've been told it's almost as if when you lift your rod it feels like your snagged and I was wondering if that was true

  5. lmao what!? 30-40-50 fish!?
    …I could fish all day and not catch anything.
    usually I land about 3-6 bass in a day though when fishing is normal
    I use 10" berkeley power worms
    Either I'm doing something wrong or the waters I'm fishing are below average fertility..

  6. I'm really having a hard time getting fish, bass and channel catfish to bite. The water has just went down from flood water. The water is stained and muddy. Just can't get those locked jaw fish to bite.

  7. I'm having a really hard time getting bass. I got a small one the other day on a soft plastic minnow/shad looking thing as I was reeling it in at a high speed to move to a different spot. In that same part of the pond, first cast out with a brand new bluegill looking soft plastic lure, a big bass came and took my line way down deep and it snapped trying to bring him up. In the last month those are the only two bites I've gotten and I've been going just about everyday, rotating between 2 ponds. I haven't had ANY luck with a senko but then again maybe I just don't know if I'm getting strikes? The worm comes up in fine condition, or has crawfish claw marks but no bass bites. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I go different times of the day, early morning, dusk, middle of the day, I fish top and bottom, along banks and islands, in clear and murky water… Someone help me!!! 😫😫

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