HOW TO CATCH STRIPED BASS – Bass Fishing on Soft Plastics 4/2/2016

Spring run is on! Good pick of striped bass on soft plastics both whiptail and swim shads worked well. However the bite was extremely fickle and fish reacted to sharp twitches on the troll as they do when they aren’t totally on the feed.

I worked swim shads for striped bass in about 15 feet of water. Striped bass were also feeding on herring for a brief period of time as well.

Light spinning tackle is the way to go early in the season for the striped bass before they move onto the bunker schools. All fish were released in this video.

I lose a really nice striped bass around the ten minute mark also.

Technical stuff:

Lines: 15lb White KastKing and 30lb Pink KastKing
Reels used: Sharky 2000 & Ecooda 4000
Rods used: KastKing MH Kayak Phantom Rod & Cabelas Fish Eagle II rod.

Lures used: EliasVFishing Extreme Swim Shad with 1.5 oz Kalin Jighead & EliasVFishing Extreme Whiptail Shad with 1 oz Jighead.

EliasVFishing Shads –


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